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1. Development of Iwasawa Theory — the Centennial of K. Iwasawa's Birth

Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 86 [published on December 10, 2020]

(This is the Proceedings of the conference Iwasawa 2017 held at the University of Tokyo in 2017.)

2. Exploration of the Arithmetic World of Gauss (in Japanese) [published on May 15, 2017]

(An introduction to number theory for undergraduate students. Beginning with a famous problem of drawing regular polygons, this book gives elementary proofs of both quadratic and biquadratic reciprocity laws based on Gauss's original idea, and a proof of the formula on the number of rational points on some quartic curves over finite fields, etc. (these are all related).)

3. Hecke's L-functions, Spring 1964 by Kenkichi Iwasawa, edited with John Coates, (2019)

(Lecture notes by K. Iwasawa himself in 1964 at Princeton University on the adelic approach to Hecke's L-functions, now called Iwasawa-Tate's method.)

4. Number Theory 3: Iwasawa Theory and Modular Forms,

with Nobushige Kurokawa and Takeshi Saito, Translations of Mathematical Monographs 242 (2012)

5. Kenkichi Iwasawa Collected papers Vol. I, II,
edited with Ichiro Satake,
Genjiro Fujisaki, Kazuya Kato, and Shoichi Nakajima, (2001)

6. Invitation to higher local fields,
edited with Ivan Fesenko, (2000)