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Former Students

Former Ph.D Students(私を指導教員とする博士学位の取得者)

Master course Students (私を指導教員とする修士学位の取得者)


・Naoto Dainobu

1. Ideal class groups of number fields and Bloch- Kato's Tate- Shafarevich groups for symmetric powers of elliptic curves, Tokyo Journal of Matematics 45-2, (2022), 501-518.

2. On an explicit reciprocity law in local class field theory via (φ, Γ)- modules

3. Ideal class groups of number fields associated to modular Galois representations

4. Ideal class groups of division fields of elliptic curves and everywhere unramified rational points, arXiv2304. 05035

5. Elliptic analogue of irregular prime numbers for the p^{n}-division fields of the curves y^2=x^3-(s^4+t^2)x, arXiv2205.08946

Current Ph.D Students

・Takumi Yoshida

1. On the 2-part of the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture for elliptic curves with complex multiplication by the ring of integers of Q( √ −7)

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